Norris City Cemetery


This web site for Norris City Cemetery is designed for those interested in pursuing family history as well as for those simply interested in looking around the cemetery.

You can search for a last name in a variety of ways. You can explore the cemetery using a map, or you can go to a random gravesite to start your exploration from there. Each gravesite (lot) page includes the inscription(s), a list of people and at least one photograph. You can also read more about the history of the cemetery.

As of April 2021, this web site integrates the names that appear on the markers in the cemetery with names that appear in the records of the Norris City Cemetery Company. Fair warning: Agreement among these sources is surprisingly poor.

Searching for a last name will display a list of matches derived from both sources. Lot pages will include people that are associated with the specific lot, either through their appearance on a physical grave marker or in cemetery records.

While you are here, browse the Points of Interest, and look at some nice pictures of Norris City Cemetery on the Photo Galleries page.

Sincere thanks are extended East Norriton Township, now the owners of Norris City Cemetery, for contributions that have enriched this web site immensely, as well as well as for their stewardship of the cemetery itself.