Norris City Cemetery

Then and Now

Norris City Cemetery went through a period of significant disrepair in the middle of the twentieth century. These undated historic photos, courtesy of East Norriton township, can be compared to the current state of the cemetery, showing clearly the extent of its recovery.

Memorial Day

Norris City Cemetery looks its best on Memorial Day weekend.


Norris City Cemetery can be forbidding in winter. The hill somehow amplifies and chills the wind, which is ever present.

"White Bronze" at Norris City Cemetery

There are five examples of so-called white bronze grave markers at Norris City Cemetery. These metal markers, actually cast zinc, have stood up well over the years.

Read more about white bronze markers here. This page has pictures of metal grave markers from around Pennsylvania.

C. R. K. Bromley has shared the interesting information that white bronze momuments may have been used during the prohibition era to deliver bootleg whiskey. The monuments are hollow and have screw-on panels behind which bottles could be hidden, and customers would retrieve their orders while "mourning" at the grave of their dearly departed.

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